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ST 1.6

The interdisciplinary problem-based curriculum includes a focus on real world applications.



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ST 1.6 Artifacts Explanation
Artifact 1 Math Standards
Artifact 2 Math Performance Task Rubric
Artifact 3 UBD: Math Sequences
Artifact 4 UBD: Pre-Calculus Sequences and Series Framework
Artifact 5 Physics Standards for Trebuchet
Artifact 6 Quarknet Narative
Artifact 7 Quarknet Intern Poster
Artifact 8 Resource Calendar
Artifact 9 Trebuchet Artifact
Artifact 10 UBD: Trebuchet
Artifact 11 PLTW: Design Problem
Artifact 12 PLTW: Majority Vote
Artifact 13 PLTW: Affordable Housing Design
Artifact 14 UBD: Artist Influence